Do it Yourself Scotch Pie & Haggis Kits…it's so easy...

Make delicious scotch pies & haggis using the best filling - your own!  Our mail order kits are also perfect as a gift for foodies.

Our DIY kits include Scotch pie shells (cases), plus the option to add Scotch Pie Seasoning or Gravy Mix – making it as 'easy as pie' to make your own, straight from the oven, top quality pies.

With our DIY Pie Kits, you  decide what filling to use. Add your own choice of filling to the Special Seasoning or Gravy Mix, lid* and bake to create a traditional, authentic Scottish favourite.

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*For some quick lids, roll out some puff pastry really thin or follow our easy pie lid recipe - you'll get a copy in your case!

Make your own scotch pies

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Shipping Overseas

If you live outwith the United Kingdom and would like us to send you your own DIY Pie or Haggis Kit, then no problem...