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Make sure your scotch pie lids are nice and thin – when they are cooked they will be lovely and crispy on top of your pie.

When making your scotch pie lids, you can always use an electric mixer – pop all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and mix on slow speed for 30 seconds until combined, then high speed for 3 minutes.




Make sure you pop your pies in the oven as soon as they are filled and lidded – you don’t want them to sag or split when they are cooking.

The higher the fat content of the meat you choose for your scotch pie, the juicier/ runnier your final pie will be – if you want grease running down your chin when you bite into your pie, use a meat with 25-30% fat content.




If you like a spicy pie, add some cracked black pepper or chilli powder to your filling mixture and mix in – experiment with different ingredients.

If you want to freeze your creations, let them cool for an hour at room temperature, cover and pop in the freezer right away – remember, once you thaw them out, don’t re-freeze them.

Please see our FAQ section for more in-depth storage and cooking guidelines.

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